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Date Opponent Results WLT Header
2003-09-18 vs Minnesota 0-1 W VANCOUVER 1, MINNESOTA 0 [View]
2003-09-19 at Minnesota 4-2 W Vancouver 4, Minnesota 2 [View]
2003-09-22 vs Edmonton 2-0 L EDMONTON 2, VANCOUVER 0 [View]
2003-09-23 at Calgary 1-4 L Calgary 4, Vancouver 1 [View]
2003-09-25 vs Phoenix 3-1 L Phoenix 3, Vancouver 1 [View]
2003-09-27 vs Calgary 3-5 W Vancouver 5, Calgary 3 [View]
2003-09-28 vs San Jose 4-1 L San Jose 4, Vancouver 1 [View]
2003-09-30 vs Edmonton 2-4 W Vancouver 4, Edmonton 2 [View]
2003-10-02 at San Jose 3-4 L SAN JOSE 4, VANCOUVER 3 [View]
2003-10-04 at Phoenix 2-0 W Vancouver 2, Phoenix 0 [View]

Date Opponent Results WLT Header
2003-10-09 vs Calgary 1-4 W Canucks' goals from unlikley sources [View]
2003-10-11 vs Edmonton 0-3 W Hedberg records first shutout as a canuck! [View]
2003-10-13 at Columbus 2-3 L Columbus off to franchise-best start [View]
2003-10-16 at Detroit 2-3 L Whitney scores with 1:06 left [View]
2003-10-18 at Minnesota 2-2 T Henrik Sedin saves the day! [View]
2003-10-20 vs Buffalo 1-6 W Vancouver still perfect at home [View]
2003-10-22 vs St Louis 2-3 W Vancouver rookie scores winner on 2-man advantage [View]
2003-10-26 vs Phoenix 3-3 T Vancouver leads most of the game [View]
2003-10-28 vs Columbus 3-6 W Canucks' offense dominant [View]
2003-10-30 at Los Angeles 3-1 W Canucks set record by drawing first blood [View]
2003-10-31 at Phoenix 4-1 W Goalie shines in back-to-back road starts [View]

Date Opponent Results WLT Header
2003-11-03 vs Detroit 1-5 W Cloutier has 22 saves [View]
2003-11-05 at Nashville 4-3 W Canucks survive Predator scare [View]
2003-11-06 at St Louis 2-3 L Thachuk has game-winner [View]
2003-11-08 vs Minnesota 3-4 W Canucks rookie playing strong [View]
2003-11-11 at Minnesota 0-1 L Wild goalie on five-game hot streak [View]
2003-11-13 at Philadelphia 3-4 OTL Flyers remain unbeaten at home [View]
2003-11-15 at Boston 1-2 OTL Rolston's OT goal boosts Bruins [View]
2003-11-18 vs Montreal 4-5 W Vintage jerseys, vintage play [View]
2003-11-20 vs Chicago 2-3 W Canucks beat Hawks in overtime [View]
2003-11-22 vs Toronto 5-3 L Canucks finally lose one at home [View]
2003-11-24 at Toronto 1-2 L Sundin, Roberts provide offense for Toronto [View]
2003-11-25 at Montreal 5-2 W Naslund, Bertuzzi tally three points each [View]
2003-11-27 at Ottawa 3-2 W Cloutier has 31 saves in OT win [View]
2003-11-29 at Calgary 4-4 T Morrison scores his first NHL hat-trick and ties the game! [View]

Date Opponent Results WLT Header
2003-12-04 vs Calgary 4-1 L Calgary has earned points in eight straight games [View]
2003-12-06 vs Minnesota 1-1 T Roloson shutout Canucks until late [View]
2003-12-09 vs Pittsburgh 3-4 W Naslund puts 4 in the net, nucks win in OT [View]
2003-12-11 vs Colorado 1-1 T Avs extend unbeaten streak to seven [View]
2003-12-14 vs Carolina 1-2 W Naslund scores in OT [View]
2003-12-16 at Nashville 2-1 W Canucks win in OT yet again [View]
2003-12-17 at Dallas 3-3 L Stars unbeaten in last three games [View]
2003-12-20 at Edmonton 3-0 W Vancouver extends its Northwest lead [View]
2003-12-22 vs Los Angeles 4-4 T Canucks play fifth straight OT at home [View]
2003-12-26 at Calgary 2-0 W Cloutier makes 31 saves for shutout [View]
2003-12-27 vs Edmonton 6-2 L Edmonton scores five-straight goals for win [View]
2003-12-29 at Colorado 3-2 W Pass deflects off defender into goal [View]
2003-12-31 at Chicago 4-3 W Canucks second in NHL in overtime games [View]

Date Opponent Results WLT Header
2004-01-02 vs Colorado 4-2 L Three assist for Forsberg [View]
2004-01-03 at Calgary 3-1 W Auld seals the win! [View]
2004-01-05 vs San Jose 2-1 L Timely tally for just-tabbed leader [View]
2004-01-08 at Los Angeles 3-1 W Game not L.A.s only loss [View]
2004-01-09 at Anaheim 5-2 W Vancouver wins seventh straight on road [View]
2004-01-11 vs Florida 2-2 T Sedin ties it with 6:26 left [View]
2004-01-13 at Phoenix 4-1 W Vancouver scores twice in first 10 minutes [View]
2004-01-15 at San Jose 1-3 L Surprising San Jose division leaders with 7 points [View]
2004-01-17 vs Anaheim 2-1 L Giguere stops penalty shot, makes 24 saves [View]
2004-01-19 vs Dallas 3-2 L Turco doesnt let pain stop his stops [View]
2004-01-21 vs Tampa Bay 4-5 W Canucks captain gets OT goal, four points [View]
2004-01-25 vs Nashville 1-4 W Sopel has 3 points in win [View]
2004-01-27 vs Chicago 2-3 W Arvedson has 2 goals for Canucks [View]
2004-01-29 at St Louis 4-2 W Arvedsson scores two goals for second straight game [View]
2004-01-31 at Washington 6-1 W Canucks score four powerplay goals [View]

Date Opponent Results WLT Header
2004-02-02 at New York 3-4 L Holiks late goal ends 1-7-2 skid [View]
2004-02-03 at New York 4-5 OTL New York scores three in last five minutes [View]
2004-02-05 at New Jersey 4-0 W Canucks Cloutier nets third shutout [View]
2004-02-11 vs Calgary 3-2 L Tough loss but its Tureks game [View]
2004-02-13 vs Atlanta 4-1 L Heatley notches a goal and assist! [View]
2004-02-14 vs Anaheim 2-1 L Fedorov gets milestone on first assist! [View]
2004-02-16 at Colorado 1-0 W Cloutier makes 23 saves in victory! [View]
2004-02-19 at Minnesota 2-6 L Canucks pull Cloutier after 4 goals! [View]
2004-02-21 at Edmonton 3-4 OTL Canucks have lost five of six last games! [View]
2004-02-24 vs Detroit 2-4 W Daniel Sedins first 4 goal game! [View]
2004-02-26 vs San Jose 2-3 W Sopel scores twice on powerplay! [View]
2004-02-28 vs St Louis 0-2 W Canucks cap three-game home sweep! [View]

Date Opponent Results WLT Header
2004-03-03 at Colorado 5-5 T Grudge (re)match full of goals, not fights! [View]
2004-03-05 at Detroit 1-3 L Lidstrom and Legace dominates [View]
2004-03-06 at Columbus 4-0 W The Moose has found a home in Vancouver. [View]
2004-03-08 vs Colorado 9-2 L Moore hit from behind, knocked out! [View]
2004-03-10 vs Minnesota 1-1 T Sanderson scores in first game sans Bertuzzi [View]
2004-03-12 at Edmonton 4-3 W Oilers play record seventh straight OT [View]
2004-03-13 vs Ottawa 2-1 L Canucks suffer first loss since losing Bertuzzi [View]
2004-03-16 vs Nashville 2-2 T Hall scores in final minute [View]
2004-03-18 at Dallas 0-3 L Stars hold three-goal lead this time [View]
2004-03-19 at Chicago 3-4 L Vancouver pulls Hedberg in second period [View]
2004-03-21 at Columbus 4-5 L Nikolai Zherdev let his play do the talking [View]
2004-03-24 vs Los Angeles 0-1 W Vancouver gets second win since losing Bertuzzi [View]
2004-03-27 vs Dallas 2-3 W The Vancouver Canucks clinched a playoff spot [View]
2004-03-29 vs Phoenix 1-6 W Naslund leads Vancouver scorers [View]
2004-03-31 at Anaheim 2-1 W Gerber cant quite quell Vancouver barrage [View]

Date Opponent Results WLT Header
2004-04-02 at San Jose 4-1 W Canucks snap Sharks five-game streak [View]
2004-04-03 vs Edmonton 2-5 W Canucks wrap up third spot in West [View]

Date Opponent Results WLT Header
2004-04-07 vs Calgary 3-5 W Vancouver scores four power-play goals [View]
2004-04-09 vs Calgary 2-1 L Kiprusoff stops 25 shots in Calgary win [View]
2004-04-11 at Calgary 2-1 W Canucks backup stops 19 shots [View]
2004-04-13 at Calgary 0-4 L Calgary scores three goals in second period [View]
2004-04-15 vs Calgary 2-1 L Calgary hasnt won a series since 1989 [View]
2004-04-17 at Calgary 5-4 W Canucks survive blowing 4-0 lead [View]
2004-04-19 vs Calgary 3-2 L Calgary gets first series win in 15 years [View]

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