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Welcome to Vancouver Canucks Forum @, keep the discussion going about our favourite nucks or other hockeyrelated stuff. Whos the best player that ever played for the Canucks? Pavel Bure, Trevor Linden, Stan Smyl or is it todays captain Markus Naslund?. Was the 1994 team that reach the finals the best canucks team ever?. Talk on.
            Markus Naslund vs Trevor Linden!
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The Race

Wow what a race this is, who will become the first to reach the milestone of 300 regular season goals scored by a Vancouver Canucks player. Standings as of today is Trevor Linden with 298 (6 this year) goals and Markus Naslund 290 (25 this year) goals. Its a great race between two players that probably will have their jerseys retired when they decide to let go of this game.

The Twins

Damn they are turning out to be all that we hoped for, recently they have started to tear the opponents defense into pieces. Henrik has 56 points and brother Daniel has 50 points in 56 games, both players on theyre way to set new records in all categories for one season. It seems like the Anson Carter deal was a hit.

The Olympics

Two keyplayers from the Vancouver Canucks have turned the olympics down due to injuries, Markus Naslund and Ed Jovanovski. I feel with these players since both of them would have been keyplayers for both Team Canada and Team Sweden. But the rest of players we are sending looks really good.

Todd Bertuzzi - This will be an amazing tournament for my favourite player, it will be a blast to see him go up against the best (and the not so good) players and see him just rip them apart with his amazing skill.

The Sedins - If the season so far is an indication of what will happen, then the twins are going to amaze the swedish fans. I sincerely hope that they are given an opportunity to compete this year and get much as much icetime as possible.

Mattias Ohlund, Sami Salo, Jarkko Ruttuu - are all dependable players that will do everything as expected.

My prediction

In one of my earlier thoughts i predicted the outcome of the season and so far it looks like really good =)

Final words

So far the season has been just as good as one could have hoped for and we might be ready to contend for the one and only trophy - Stanley Cup


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