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Welcome to Vancouver Canucks Forum @, keep the discussion going about our favourite nucks or other hockeyrelated stuff. Whos the best player that ever played for the Canucks? Pavel Bure, Trevor Linden, Stan Smyl or is it todays captain Markus Naslund?. Was the 1994 team that reach the finals the best canucks team ever?. Talk on.
            25 games into the season!
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What an october, our team played like it was unstoppable (atleast outside the division) finishing with a 8-2-0-2 record. Good goaltending, even better defence and in the end, Bertuzzi first game in Denver. Everyone in the Pepsi arena booing dressed up in prison jumpers with 44, others wore fake neck braces and on top of that the constant heckle. But with that game over done, we hoped to see to Bertuzzi we grown to love.

November is looking like a so so month with a record sofar of 7-0-7-0. Pay notice to the fact that of our 9 losses, 7 have been against our own division, many 4 point games lost and the most important fact that we only are leading the division by 1 point.

So far the offence of our defenceman has been a great surprise with Sami Salo being the most surprising one. Throw in Ed Jovanovski and Mattias Ohlund and no other team can match our top 3 defenceman in the league.

In the goal Alex Auld got off to a good start going undefeated in his first 5 and Dan Cloutier looked like his form from 200304 was still there. But a few injuries lately has changed things around and the question arise if Alex Auld is ready to take on a bigger role of the club while Dan is out with injury. The result so far is a ? at best.

The forward position is lead by the captain Nazzy that leads the team in points with 30 in 25 games. Bertuzzi is second with an average just under 1 points per game and after that is Henrik Sedin with a strong start of the season. The Sedin line has been the most improved one over last year and the twins with Carter are starting to show some promise of what the future might hold.

My 5 teams i dont like:

  1. Colorado
  2. Colorado
  3. Colorado
  4. Colorado
  5. Colorado

As a final word i will list the current standing:

  1. Vancouver
  2. Calgary
  3. Edmonton
  4. Colorado
  5. Minnesota

I dont have to remind you my prediction in my last thoughts =)

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2005-11-29 13:00:02
2005-11-29 13:00:02
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