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Welcome to Vancouver Canucks Forum @, keep the discussion going about our favourite nucks or other hockeyrelated stuff. Whos the best player that ever played for the Canucks? Pavel Bure, Trevor Linden, Stan Smyl or is it todays captain Markus Naslund?. Was the 1994 team that reach the finals the best canucks team ever?. Talk on.
            The captain is back =)
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A day to remember August 3rd 2005, finally the signature of Markus Naslund have been marked on a 3-year deal that shows what direction the management of this team is heading (if they only could make some magic and sign Peter Forsberg also).

Looking at the rest of the roster im just praying that Brendan Morrison is coming back. The same goes for the twins that really impressed me while playing here in Sweden last year and especially the size of those twins, last time I saw them live they were a tad bit smaller, if I say so =)

But most important is that they bring back (or rather, dont trade him) the Big man, mr. Bertuzzi, my favourite player since the day he got traded to Vancouver from the Long Island. Damn Brian Burke if he makes an offer the Canucks cant refuse.

Looking forward to the rest of the preseason with hopes of a few new stars to sign with the nucks.

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2005-08-03 19:59:05
2005-08-03 19:59:05
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