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            October recap and what the hell is going on!
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Oh how much I was looking forward to this season. After a Conference Semi-final loss against the soon to be Stanley Cup champions Anaheim Ducks I was looking forward to a season where the next step was going to be taken.

So far

So far the next step has been a big step backwards. The team has scored 29 goals and allowed 37. The forwards are at times looking like a bunch of juniors despite the lack of juniors. The goaltending has been less then stellar. The D is missing a healthy Sami Salo, a scoring Kebin Bieksa or why not a hero like Scott Niedermayer. The coaching is......

What to do - The Goalie

Why dont give Sanford a chance to show that he can play and bench Luongo for a couple of games in row. I really thinks he needs to be pushed this year in the right direction so that he can start bringing his A game each game.

What to do - The Defence

Anyone remembers Luc Bourdon? He is off to a really good start down in Manitoba with 9 points in 9 games. Bring him up for a try here in November and see if the kid can adapt to the NHL game. I for one thinks he is ready. And with half the Ds out with injuries, this should be a no brainer.

What to do - The Forward

We really should start looking for some outside help here because this forward crop is not cutting it. First on the list is a winger to the Sedins, a big guy that can create some space in the offensive zone and park in front of the goal banging in rebounds. Second, we need a partner to our captain, god I miss Bertuzzi right beside him. Either bring him back our find a similar player for Naslund but for the time being, why not try Trevor Linden on his line with as much icetime? I think it could be very interesting to see what he could do alongside Naslund and Morrison on a regular basis.

What to do - The Coach

Oh man, this man just doesnt cut it for me. The team is boring to look at and he seems like he has issues with handling the players. This could be the last month of the Vigneault era in Vancouver. I wouldnt cry, thats for sure.


A very bad start of the season with no real hope for the future, this team dont look like anything close to a contender for the cup this year. A lot of things needs to happen for that to come true and lets pray that its going to.

Frank Lindstrom writing for the Canucks @ a sunny day in November.

2007-11-02 08:50:12
2007-11-02 08:50:12
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