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VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Vancouver Canucks center Marc Chouinard will miss the start of the regular season because of a slightly separated right shoulder.

Head coach Alain Vigneault said Monday that Chouinard sustained a first-degree separation Saturday night during the preseason finale against Edmonton, and would be out for seven to 10 days.

Chouinard, a 6-foot-4 faceoff specialist, signed a two-year, $2.2 million contract with the Canucks this summer after spending the last two seasons in Minnesota, finishing with a career-high 14 goals and 30 points in 2005-06.

He centered Vancouver's fourth line with Trevor Linden and Josh Green during the preseason, picking up just one assist in six games.

Tommi Santa la is expected to take his place Thursday night in the opener in Detroit.

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